A Bataknese girl who was born in a year of Goat and having Aries as her zodiac sign, an eldest sister in siblings life. Current town living in Bali. Adores the Asian Tiger countries. Tested as a Sanguine-Phlegmatic type, a party-popper who likes to dance a lot and sing, too, and having fun around with friends. A peace-lover, hopelessly romantic and easily whining for something that ruins her mood. Once a right-brain thinker then slowly become a left-thinker one. Loving her best friends as much as herΒ boyfriend, indeed.

She can’t be separated from:
1. God + Bible
2. Music
3. Language and Culture
4. Internet
5. Money (who doesn’t? ;))
6. Cellphone
7. Family
8. Best and boy-friend(s)
9. YOU.

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