Thanks to Jokowi: Becoming More Nationalist Than I Ever Thought

“I’m ready to paid only half from my previous salary as long as I’m not expelled from Indonesia.”


Last weekend I met one of my expatriate friends on Atrium Mall, Senen. Well, that meeting was unexpected because I told him that I’d be on my campus but later on I remembered that so many cancelled appointments here and there that I decided to go.

Meeting him as a friend is always a blessing for me. Smartest guy I ever knew, from politics to economics, he excels both. We can’t deny that our life is depended on these two: what we would eat today, the price of our clothes, our savings for kids and the future, how many wedges and stilletos and kitten heels should we own, etc. The better the politics of the country, the better the economics as well – it effects the price of the goods and can be increasing or decreasing our purchasing power.

We also can’t say that one country is the safest eventho there’s a research on it. Well, lucky you guys who are living there 🙂 What I mean is, even the safest country in the world has its own insecurity, and maybe that’s not really a major problem, so it’s not considered as troubling.

Then what about Indonesia? Mirroring from last events on Nov 4th 2016, Dec 2nd 2016, and the current one on Feb 21st 2017, sorry to say, Indonesia’s politics has been crazy — in a bad way. Indonesia’s stocks had been decreasing since 4 months ago, make me even doubter to invest some of my money there. I also think to do some forex trading but blah, I think no for now lah due to some reasons 😆

My friend compared Jokowi, our current president, to some influential person based on how good and how smart that person is. He said that not many people that can do both, becoming good and smart at the same time, one can be good but not smart and one also can be smart but not good. On his POV, Jokowi owns both quality.

So, thanks to Jokowi? 🙂 The more I know projects Jokowi handles these days makes me more excited and impatient to enjoy the facilities he builds! Even my friend said that statement above, the statement I wrote earlier as an opening.

By this project I dream myself to travel around Sumatera only by LRT 😆 *semoga kesampean ya Tuhan*

Will you give thanks to Jokowi as I do? 🙂

11 thoughts on “Thanks to Jokowi: Becoming More Nationalist Than I Ever Thought

  1. I’m not sure building LRT around Sumatra would be a good idea, though 😛 .

    But indeed, Indonesian politics the last a few months has been, well, worrying. I hope it is getting better from hereon, and people will get more “sane”.

    1. Ahahaha maybe it’s because of the contour, no? Tapi seandainya beneran bisa bakalan bagus banget sih Zi, will be cheaper to travel by train rather than by plane kan 😛

      Iyaaahh so worrying. Amen for that! *pardon my broken English*

      1. That is not true at all, unfortunately. LRT lebih cocok untuk transportasi jarak pendek/dekat.

        Apakah lebih murah dengan kereta atau pesawat itu tergantung pemerintahnya. Pembangunan infrastruktur kereta itu jauuuuuuuh lebih mahal. Coba pikirin aja pembebasan lahannya butuh berapa. Belum lagi pembangunan infrastrukturnya (rel, stasiun, sistem persinyalan), ongkos maintenance, dsb. Makanya untuk skala besar “berat” banget dan mendingan bikin jalur kereta api biasa aja, hehe.

      2. EEEHH ZIII iya maap aduh harusnya kan kereta biasa kalo mau bikin antarkota antarprovinsi gitu ya. Pas inget2 kepanjangan LRT/MRT langsung ngerasa, “iya juga yaaa..” #sungkem

        Ah iya ya, dibandingkan bikin bandara lebih mahal bikin lahan kereta? 😮 baru tau. Thank you infonya ya…

  2. To be honest, I am disappointed of Jokowi. I expect him to be governor for 5 years but he went to Presidential election at that time.
    In some, I can see what your friend’s said but in other hand, I expect him more.

    1. Buuutt.. Rather than Prabowo, I allowed him to lead Indonesia sih. The fact these days showed that 2 years of Jokowi = 10 years of SBY *tanpa ada yang mangkrak* LOL. He also did the reshuffle due to something fishy in the ministry (well, that Anies B), aaannd.. No matter what is the level, he is still humble and easily mingling with other citizens from another level.

      I don’t exaggerate this cos you might know the information through articles and videos on the internet — so the fact lied and transparent. I don’t think Prabowo can do the same. Good morning! 🙂

      1. same as you, I prefer him rather than P. hahaha.
        Yes, but actually in some cases, I really wishing him to be more bold. for instance in terms of misleading information, he can do something about it rather than be quite. Or is it only me? thinking he’s only a puppet. hahaha

      2. Duh mas maap bhs Indonesia aje ye 😛 Pertamanya saya juga mikir gitu, Jokowi cuma jadi ‘boneka’-nya bu Mega: ga firm dan ambil keputusan sendiri. Tapi di sisi lain, Jokowi itu ‘ngilmu’ sama penerusnya Soekarno yang merupakan pemersatu bangsa, toh beliau juga tidak mengabaikan penasehatnya, toh?

        Untuk diamnya Jokowi, dalam beberapa kasus merupakan tindakan bijaksana karena pergerakannya gabisa diketahui. Tau-tau udah nongol di publik aja 🙂 Kayak kasus Hambalang dan Demo 212 tuh

      3. Hahaha… jd gak sendirian ya saya. Cm bedanya saya gak perhatikan lagi lebih lanjut. Tapi dirimu masih mengamati.

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