Through Thick and Thin.

It’s always nice to know that your friend(s) will always be sticking to you, no matter what happens. 

Just like marriage vow: 

Through thick and thin. 

Just now after arriving home I saw something on my desk, white and folded, oh an envelope. Above written my full name and complete address, along with the stamp, slightly knew it was coming overseas across the continent. Unhesitatingly I opened the envelope and tadaaa! My guess is true: mail from Netherlands. Thank you, mbak Deny! ❤ 

I don’t know if it’s such a coincidence or not but few weeks ago I really, really feel bad about my situation. It looks like everything that I’d be doing such a wrong, ultimately wrong. Dont ask me why! Then in one of my post that Mbak Deny commented, she offered me to send a postcard or two for the sake of friendship. 

Well, she is always nice. I follow her stories eventho not much of commenting on her page. 

Once again, she’s always nice. And I know that she’d never change in zillion years. 

Hope that I can send you some of the postcard as well, Mbak. Wish you to have a wonderful life ❤

10 thoughts on “Through Thick and Thin.

  1. Ge, aku sampai berkaca kaca bacanya *iya segampang itu aku merasa terharu. Terima kasih Ge untuk tulisannya, menyentuh hati. Keep in touch Ge. Tetap semangat dan selalu bahagia!

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