I Feel Whole 

Sometimes what we need to fulfill our soul is not even a fancy thing, luxurious service given, or even branded bags. Simple yet memorable, patterned and lasts forever in our hearts. 

A peace that comes within. 

Last night I attended a drama musical titled The Prophecy of Catastrophe by Univ Multimedia Nusantara. Such a good show, I really enjoyed it! ❤ 

The story itself was about the disadvantage of mixmatching among the Princess and the Princes due to the curse of genies. The King wanted her daughter to marry the best prince in every aspect (in Indonesia: bibit bebet bobot) in the term of expanding the power or bilateral cooperation. In the opening there’s one granny who’s an expert at prediction and had warned the King but he didn’t listened to her. The mixmatching kept continuing by organizing the competition of “The Best Art and Culture in the Entire World.” The prince who could bring up the best culture from his country would be the princess’ spouse. 

Sorry for blurry pictures, my gadgets are not updated yet 😂 Maybe there’s someone out there wants to sponsor me LOL 😂 

MCs and the orchestra 

One of the scenes 

The ticket 


I didn’t finish watching due to long duration, need to go home earlier by catching up the commuter line 😆 but it was really worth the price! Sure I’ll come back next year *book the seat* 

Score: 8.8/10 

PS: I uploaded everything through cellphone and IDK why couldn’t share the youtube link/embed for you guys enjoying the video as well. Will update later through my laptop 

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