Sakit Hati

Just now, I’ve just known that someone unfollowing me on Instagram. As usual IG only reporting that the link might be broken or removed or something else but as a stalker (LOL!) I checked her through Google (such a curious cat, no?) and I found out that we were no longer friends on facebook (masih mending gak temenan! Ini gue di-block kayaknya).

Honestly her action gave me a kind of guilty feeling.. A sense that eventho I apologize to her, YES I KNOW THAT SHE WILL, yet it will never be the same anymore. I know I once commented on her facebook status, pointing on something that’s just too sensitive about each one’s belief, and my portion was forcing my opinion based on perception and prejudice. Until her friend came along and gave me clear explanation ’till I was satisfied then we stopped. *nyari gara-gara banget gue ye*

Losing one very best friend is a thing, losing my ego is another. Maybe this is the last sentence I could say,

Good bye dear friend, hope you’re safe and happy and healthy out there, I might be not the best for you but our moments together were all precious.


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