Koreabuys Beauty Makeup Box

Do you remember me reviewing Koreabuys’ products once here (Indonesian language)? Well, few weeks ago I got offer about #BeautyBox that Koreabuys has. It’s about the package of beauty products made by the company to represent the season of “Spring in Korea.” Eventho I live in Indonesia, which only has two seasons (wet & dry season), I can imagine what kind of spring in 4-season country like Korea would have. It’s the time when all the flowers bloomed along with clear sky and white clouds above.. Birds are singing, so colorful! ❤

So how to get them? Only by buying Koreabuys’ Beauty Makeup Box by IDR 249,000 then you’ll get a package worth IDR 905,000 really worth the price, isn’t it? 😉

There are two types of the Beauty Box: Pink Makeup and Red Makeup. Each has different combination, I chose the PINK Makeup one.


Eco Soul Henna Marker Tint 5 Color 1.2ml (0.03kg) – Pink

Drawing Eye Brow AD 0.2g – Brown

My Short Cake Liquid Eyeliner – Black


100% Pure Cotton Malie Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask 25g x 3pcs – RANDOM


Eco Soul Henna Marker Tint 5 Color 1.2ml (0.03kg) – Deep Red

Drawing Eye Brow AD 0.2g – 3. Brown

My Short Cake Liquid Eyeliner – Black


100% Pure Cotton Malie Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask 25g x 3pcs – RANDOM

The package of #BeautyBox came to my place last night, consists of face products, lip product, and eye products~ As usual, they handle their products with care, firm packaging with triple safety, I love that! ❤ It’s 10:00 pm already yet I was still excited to try them 😆 Now let’s open the box!

A. CANVAS –> Of course my face itself! When I opened the box I found the masks quite eye-catching in sachets. Oh how I love face mask! Lately I was lacked of sleep, getting tired and goosebumps.. Face mask really helps me to recover my skin.

There were 3 sheets of face mask from Malie System with different functions: Pomegranate (to nourish the rough and tired skin with pleasant softness and resiliance), Vitamin (to moisturize the skin and make the skin healthier with a long time), and Royal Jelly (to delay skin-aging as it contains of collagen inside). Among these three I apply Vitamin mask first to my face and leave it for about 20-30 mins. I almost got deep sleep as the mask really sooth my skin face 🙂 So after removing the mask, I pat my face a lil’ bit more and then went to sleep.


Waking up in the morning knowing my face got moisturized made me happy! Yeiiiyy! Pat-patting my face once more I feel like a baby ❤ Then after taking shower I was ready to put the make-up on! Go Go Go #BeautyBox! Go Go Go Koreabuys! ;D

Before make up.JPG
Before Make-up 🙂

B. THE EYE –> After putting on all the basic skin care like day cream, BB cream, face powder etc, now is time to do the make-up! To color up my eyes, Koreabuys gave me eyeshadow from Missha: Missha Triple Shadow No. 6 Marsala RedIt’s a trio-colors with natural shade of brown, pink, and gold. Classy and elegant, I like it! ❤

Sorry it’s blurry 🙂 Left: Etude House Lipstick, Right: Missha Triple Shadow

Next to make my eyes bigger I used 2 type of eyeliners, one from The Face Shop’s FACEit Extreme Dot Pen Eyeliner (the bonus) and another one from Skinfood: My Short Cake Liquid Eyeliner. The reason why I used these product was kinda funny: I never, never used black liquid eyeliner before but for now I gave myself guts. Sometimes black liquid eyeliner makes my eyes look heavy, unlifted ones, my hands were shaky tho so it’s kinda tricky on how to apply black eyeliner. Second, knowing those reasons I need tools to help me apply this kind of eyeliner and unexpectedly Koreabuys gave me this! Yohooo!

Eyes Substance
The Dot Pen Eyeliner
The dots

How’s the result? SUPEEERR LOVEEE! ❤ ❤ ❤ At first I applied the Dot Pen Eyeliner and made dots on upper waterline then connecting the dots slowwwlyy… Hehehe and after, I applied the Skinfood one to emphasize the line itself. Fortunately it’s done neat neat neat yeeeaaayy!


The Line

Eyeshadow done, eyeliner done, now it’s time to define my brows 😉 For my eyebrow definer I used Etude House Drawing Eye Brow AD 0,2g. Having brown color, I applied the definer making a straight line inside the brows and pointy end of the corner made my face looks younger than it should 😛 15 y.o gal it is 😛

Crayon Shinchan 😛

C. LIPS AND CHEEK –> For my lips I used Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips (another bonus given 🙂 ) at first it’s quite sheer but after some time the lipstick appeared brightly slowly. It has a lil’ bit of creamy texture which delivers a surge of moisturizer to the lips. This pinkish lipstick also support my brow-definer to make my face looks younger and shinier and healthier 🙂 Plus point: it has shimmer inside! My lips glitters! 😆

sheer lipstick.jpg
Appears slowly but sure

I don’t have my blush-on with me so tried to multi-function the lipstick itself. Using my fingertip, I applied the lipstick to the apple of my eye cheek 😆 Gently tip them slowly from under the eyes, inside the nose-ribs until the outer corner of the eye. Voila! Now I’m done! 😉

Service: 4.0/5

Quality: 4.5/5

Price: 4.0/5

Repurchased: YES

Where to:

PC: http://bit.ly/23qGBLT

Mobile: http://bit.ly/23qGzUm

PS: I always love having package of me, especially for makeup full package like this from Koreabuys because it’s easy to buy, moreover sometimes it has special gifts! I love Koreabuys for their kindness as well. I highly recommend you girls to have this Koreabuys Beauty Box. Cheers! 😉

Stay young stay beautiful! 😉 

9 thoughts on “Koreabuys Beauty Makeup Box

  1. Wuih review yang lengkap banget. Semua benda dicoba dan diberi kesan pesan pemakaian. Terus karena dicobain sendiri pembaca jadi tahu bagaimana hasilnya saat dipakai di wajah (ini penting ketimbang hanya penjelasan dan foto produk :hehe).

    1. Sebenernya kalo review2 beauty products kya gini udah banyak Gar aplg make-up artist tuh hihi tp mreka emang kebanyakan satu area aja misalnya muka / mata / bibir. Nah baru gue nih yg apply semuanya 😁

      1. Iya, kebanyakan satu-satu, padahal make up kan kombinasi semua ya, bukan cuma alis doang atau lipstik doang :hehe.

  2. Jago ih make up nya..
    Gw sekali bareng temen kantor beli Koreanbuys ini dan harganya emang jauh murmer juga..
    Pengen beli lagi tapi sayang gak kepake karena emang ujung-ujungnya sampe expired gak kepake 😀

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