Bad Becomes Good, Negative Becomes Positive.


Someone who hears about this word might think that it’s a negative word bringing along the negative side of one’s personality. S/he can say it as one who’s backstabbing another human being with/without the victim knows. S/he can also categorize the hypocritic person as one who’s not consistent about what s/he’s doing no matter what s/he says.

But why can’t we twist the meaning around? As if we’re not consistent. I might say, “I’m not a morning person” while in fact I always get up at 5:30 am and start preparing some stuff before going to work. Or let’s say… “I’m lazy” while in fact is that’s YOU who finish the tasks first before deadline among others.
Not for the sake of people praising you but just showing the true you. Make them feel being fooled then amazed unknown. Prove spoken by actions not words — am I right?

13 thoughts on “Bad Becomes Good, Negative Becomes Positive.

  1. Ooh, begitu… hmm… seperti hukum perkalian ya, negatif kali negatif jadi positif. Tapi kita memang mesti be positive ya Mbak, soalnya kalau kita menguarkan hal-hal positif, maka hal-hal yang baik juga akan terjadi ke kita, pada gilirannya nanti. Demikian juga sebaliknya, maka marilah kita menjadi orang yang positif :)).

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