Jesus Nowadays

I’m wondering if Jesus came down to this earth and being a prophet like others (but flawless) in this time. The era when technology developed so intensely day by day.


If he’s doing a miracle maybe we’d be busy snapping pictures and uploaded it to our social medias. Knowing that everyone who’s connected to us get surprised and asking where now He is. So funny. Perhaps we’d rarely get in touch with Him personally because of ease connection virtually. Prayers move to social media statuses. Cell community moves to WhatsApp group. Visitation through Skype. Being a missionary through LinkedIn. Sending preaches via emails. Hugging through Line’s stickers.
But who will come to His grieve and see His resurrection by his/her bare eyes? Anyone?


5 thoughts on “Jesus Nowadays

  1. Hmm… ini menurut pemahaman saya yang pengetahuan agamanya masih dangkal sih Mbak, tapi menurut keyakinan saya, Tuhan itu maha segalanya, termasuk mahapintar. Itu artinya Tuhan pasti akan menemukan cara untuk membuat keajaiban itu akan menjadi “ajaib”, bahkan bagi manusia yang sudah sangat pintar di dalam teknologi. Mungkin tidaklah sama dengan keajaiban yang ada di masa lalu, tapi Tuhan menurut saya pasti punya cara untuk itu, cara yang untuk saat ini belum terpikirkan bagi saya :hehe.

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