Friends please pray for my mom as she will hold a chemotherapy for her cancer.

Breast cancer.

She is currently in USA right now and as we all know it’s at another part of the world. Indonesia is 12 hours ahead. Now I’m crying as I can’t do anything to help her, to support her, I’m feeling useless cos all I can do is only praying for her without any action.

Few days ago I wrote something about preparing the mental when one of our closest family or relatives got sick for, say it, months or years before finally s/he pass away. Guess now it’s my family’s turn? I don’t hope so.

30 thoughts on “Giliran

    1. Makasih, Ci! Aku terakhir telponan sama mama 1-2mggu lalu emg udah ada keluhan tp ga nyangka kanker payudara, Ci πŸ˜₯ td selesai kemo masih lemes2 yg penting buka mata & mulut dl buat makan deh ya

  1. Get well soon buat mamanya Grace. Yang penting spiritnya tetep harus dijaga. Physical condition itu sangat dipengaruhi dari mental condition. Jadi kalau dia semangat, rasa sakit itu jg bs dikalahkan.

  2. Berdoa mama Ge boleh segera pulih ya πŸ™‚ Dan kemonya juga boleh berjalan lancar, stay strong ya Ge. Terus jadi dorongan semangat buat Mama, kan firman Tuhan bilang hati yang gembira adalah obat yang manjur πŸ™‚

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