Rahajeng Nyepi

Happy Nyepi Day!

Just like any other New Year, let’s count the blessings we’ve got and be prepare for the next blessings! Reflection and revolution!


Today, Bali, Prambanan, Malang and few other places in Indonesia are very festive. Thousands of giant effigies (ogoh-ogoh) are being taken around the city for pengrupukan. Later tonight, the giant effigies, which symbolized bad energy, will be burnt. Most of people in the world celebrate New Year with boozes, trumpets and parties, but devout Hindu Dharma in Indonesia celebrate it in different way. They disconnect themselves from the world, meditate, reflect and observe the four principles of Nyepi: amati geni, amati karya, amati lelungan and amati lelanguan.

Amati geni means to refrain from lighting fire and using light. This mean complete darkness and no food will be served as one will not be able to cook. Those who are willing and able, could observe 24 hour fast, while those who are unable to, usually prepare food from few days before. Besides fasting, mona brata or to refrain from…

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