Foods We Made

We here according to my Dad and I so this could be called as father-daughter-bonding-relationship πŸ˜€ My dad loves cooking so much when I’m just in average interest haha. Well we have different type of cooking and eating — delicious on his side and healthy on mine. That’s fair enough, I could tell daddy to stay healthy while he introduces me to some yummy-tummy foods with spices. No more to talk, here’s what we’ve been making!

Grilled Sweet Chicken by Daddy
A Can of Sardines with Cabbage by me
Eggies Kangkung Vegetables by me
My daily menu
Opor Ayam (Indonesian Traditional Dish with Chicken)
Left is my plate; right is daddy's

I rather choose flat plate since it tends to make me eat less than I should eat. Daddy’s plate will give me big portion while eating so I better avoid it (my brain’s command).

Daddy's Gurame Fried Fish

He loves eating fish so much!!!! I bet he would like to eat fish before he came down to the ground and make the ‘R.I.P’ thing LOL πŸ˜†


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