15 Life Management (Part 2)

First of all I want to say, “HEY! Are you okay?” to Senior High School students out there who just held the 1st day of National Exams. Yes, Indonesia has a National Exam held by the govt since … I was a kid, maybe? Since I also experienced the same as well. Hope you success for this first day and do good for the next days, lil’ bros and sists~!

So here’s another story of Life Managements.. So sorry I postponed to write about it in a longer time. Not too busy at work, just happily hopping from one place to another enjoying myself 😆 Eating out at Warung Soerabi (Bandungnese traditional cake made with frying clay, yes CLAY not pan!) twice at different time with best friends is just a lil’ example. For the previous one of Life Management tips, you can easily click it here. No more chit-chat, let’s go!


5. Most paralyzing failure: Making excuses 

Realize that life is a gambling journey, 50:50 of  any incident or event decided by ourselves. Any possibilities are made through our decisions and thought about something — whether it’s a good one or a bad one. When anything doesn’t happen the way it should (or we hope), please don’t blame the situation and just learn from the mistakes. It is way much better than making excuses to cover up our own faults.

6. The worst condition: Feeling of no hope 

Inspirations are everywhere, even now in social medias where people only show-off their material things, still there are many inspirational things/friends/quotations that can boost up our mood — although it’s only a few. It depends on our social circle because community influences the member. Try t0 have 1-2 (best)-friends that we can tell our daily-life story with, get close to our family, make sure that all tasks are done, and talk to our inner-self! In addition, it’s good for our mental health, by the way. And what about the confusion people (In Indonesia: Galau)? Boost up their moods for once or twice but if there’s no any changing, just leave them alone! Unless if we want to get confused, too.

7. Most beautiful dress: Smile 

When we meet new person for the first time, or holding a meeting with clients, or even waking up in the morn, what we usually do? Grumpy about the bad traffic? Cranky for not having enough sleep? Oh, please make it less.. Try to look at ourselves in the mirror during lunch or stress time, take our BIG smile from-ear-to-ear. What do you feel: pretty/handsome? Of course that’s what people think of us when we’re smiling 🙂 😀 <- Yeah that’s my big smile on WordPress, LOL 😆

8. The biggest joyful: Giving funds 

Some may say that giving funds or holding the charity events is only for rich people. Well, they don’t know that some medium-class people also giving funds or holding the charity events also CAN make them rich — rich by heart. It’s not about the money, but the loyalty and sincerity of taking care of others, and giving our hands to help them means letting others know that we don’t forget them anytime, anywhere.

9. Most satisfying job: doing good deeds 

What more to explain? Doing good deeds is like double-edged blade: it can impact us the givers and the one as a takers. Number 8 is one of the examples of doing good deeds and number 7 as the result. 🙂


If we successfully try the Life Management part 1, then we can continue to this part. I urge us to learn from it time-by-time so deeply and understand it carefully that we can be a better person each day. Until the last day of our life. It’s not about material things, but for our soul. Anyone? 😉

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