15 Life Management (part 1)

At first I stated that almost all the English posts here are advertised. Yes I work as a Social Media Analyst and also handling the content as my job-description.
This time, this English post is not an advertorial one. So this is what I got to read before starting the Mandarin Class, last Tuesday. Still have 45mins to go but unfortunately I have to divide them into 2 or 3 parts since I want to insert my own experiences too πŸ™‚ Let me re-write it in English (first it is written in Bahasa Indonesia). Please bear a little with my broken English yaaa, hahaha.

1. The most dangerous man alive: Gossiper
Have known as the one who likes gossip, this type of man is like to talk about others behind their back; and most of her words are not true (most of the gossipers are women that’s why I choose to use her instead).
2. The most dangerous gun: Tongue
Your lips is your tiger, Indonesian saying. So does the tongue. Whether it’s a blessing word or cursing word, it depends on what purpose you want it to be. And don’t be angry or mad if one day someone curses you using his tongue.
3. The most breaking habit: Worry
This is sooooo me! I have an OCD disease that I have many to worry about. Even for the small one, unimportant things which is not necessary. It’s so tiring, you know. Phew!
4. The most useless feeling: Unconfident
When I was a kid, such a confident girl I was. I didn’t care about what people say about me, if that’s a compliment, I would take it but if it’s a scholding, I just went away like nothing happened. Still manage to maintain this habit until I grow up and be more mature each day.
Unconfidential makes you not to feel grateful of yourself and what you have had because you always compare them with someone or something. You won’t ever be satisfied since you feel that others may be better than you. Oh, please! You are different to each other, everyone is unique. Even the twins have their own uniqueness.

Okay I think that’s all for today. Will be continued πŸ˜‰

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