So look, my hobby actually is traveling. But there is one thing I’m afraid of when I do travel, be it to an old place I’ve visited before or a new place one. What is it? Get lost a.k.a stray! Yes, my geographical capabilities rather below averages, I already used maps, tried to memorize the road, or asked people, it will always be the same to me: stray to go somewhere. 

If you are with me, the one who “like” straying like me, here I give you some ways to not get lost for more. Everything which I’ve tried:


 Knowing the particular destination exactly

Make sure that we already know about the exact destination. This can be done by order.

Address, for the example. From the address we will look for the most part to the small part, such as the country first, then the city, or maybe the small region, then alley housing (if any), and the last is the name of the road. It is easier for us to start off traveling. In addition, the directions for getting, and the pole way, etc. can also be studied in advance.


Roving several times to memorize.

Already up to the city or other parts but still have not met yet? Explore! Do not be afraid to shop around the area or around the site and make sure we do not miss any of the clues! This allows us to also learn the area other than the destination, so if we have to turn around or opposite directions, we no longer confused.


Find general directions

General directions could be the street signs, large trees, or a large building located strategically and has been known to many people. If necessary, from the two sides (sides are unidirectional and reverse direction) is better. For example, when I went to Mahkota Medical Centre in Kuta Central Park. After arriving at Central Park, a friend told me that the shop was not far from Ace Hardware. Having met Ace Hardware, just went straight for more. I also follow the prompts and soon arrived at the location.


Rent a travel guide

Have tried all the above, but still stray? Or are we afraid of taking risks because we don’t want to waste time and energy? Keep calm.. Nowadays many travel services are willing to help. Travel and Tour Guide Services Management is useful to take us anywhere at an affordable price since its organizer is definitely local residents, they know the area!


So you’ve no fear anymore, have you? 😉

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