Sometimes people are confused with so many things when the holiday time comes since they want to make it meaningful. Start from the destinations until the tight budget, different levels are showed up to this situation. But hey, don’t worry! Hereby I simply recommend you to go to the beaches-trip as well in Bali as it is known for the beautiful beaches and the warm breeze.. Heaven on Earth, some people might say.

In Bali you might want to have an adventurous trip of beach-hopping but there’s any other option for you to consider: owning an island in Bali for a whole day and do anything there without anyone bothers you! Along the observations and some experience, sure I could enjoy the holiday and relax my nerves a little bit. I use BALI BOAT TRIP tour management as a tour-guide of mine.

Bali Boat Trip tour management offers us some packages which is depending on what the tourists want / need. It may be for own use, or even for couples, or even for family. It is also available for those who want to come by in groups (company groups, male/female groups, social gathering group, etc). For female groups, the package itself named Bali Hens Party! While for the male group package named Bali Bucks Party, haha!

Bali Boat Trip’s cruises bring us to beautiful islands in another part of Bali. Bali Island is also including small islands separated by the Bali Strait and the location is not far. That’s why Bali Boat Trip provides comfort cruise or yacht to complete the water trip, while during the trip, the yacht/cruise can be stopped for a moment for the tourists enjoy the water by swimming, snorkeling, or even diving!

ImageFor the facilities and qualities, Bali Boat Trip provides us the best ones ever around the island. The maintained yacht makes it look renew and classy while the food itself is also luxurious. BBQ-ing or even fine dining in a restaurant with swimming pool view in front of the beach, both are deluxe packages! And at the end of the day, the staffs also be willing to hold a spa treatment for all group members 🙂


Yeah so I urge you not to miss this special package for it is limited! Here I give you the contact information so you can get the details straightly from the management easily here:

T : +62 361 210 5757
M : +62 813 9934 7870
E : trip@baliboattrip.com

Will I see you around? 😉


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