On planning a vacation trip, besides making arrangements on vacation destinations and budgeting, accommodation also needs to be taken into account. This accommodation, which is generally defined as an place to stay in, is a temporary shelter when holiday lasts. Accommodation is important to plan ahead of time because sure a person is tired after having a fun vacation activity, so the body needs a good rest, comfortable, and also needs to soothe the soul and mind. This can be achieved if supported by the accommodation facilities.

A good accommodation has some specific requirements, for example: being neat, clean, having smooth air-flow (ventilation), and having a soft bed. When the holiday lasts along the day, ensured a soft bed should be provided so that one can rest well.

Usually someone looks for information about anything on the internet, including information about accommodation at the destination. Then hereby NAKULA HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT, a hospitality management that regulates a person’s accommodation during a vacation in tourist areas. Providing some villas spread over several areas in the South of Bali, Nakula Hospitality Management offers good quality at a reasonable price. Located in the Kuta-Seminyak, Canggu and Jimbaran, these villas are built on the higher standard of comfort and security. Accompanied with a cozy atmosphere, friendly and fun staffs, and is close to several tourist attractions are located, of course Nakula is not an unprofessional management. Nakula understand consumers’ needs very well.

Nakula blogClockwise: Nelayan Villa bedroom, Casanuri Villa, Sara Residence pool view, Kanten Villa bedroom 1, Kanten Villa bedroom 2, Yasmine Villa bedroom day view, Yasmine Villa bedroom night view, Nelayan Villa livingroom, Sara Residence bedroom

There are 5 (five) private villas available with a service that is not much different from one another, among other Casanuri Villa, Villa Kanten, Nelayan Villa, Sara Residence, and Yasmine Villa. All these villas can be used for individuals, couples on vacation, or a small family. All villas bookings can be done by email or telephone with a definite schedule, to ensure that the villa can be used on that date. Each villa has a clear address in a strategic place, easy to find.

For further information don’t hesitate to contact:

Phone: (+62) 361 731829 or  (+62) 361 738999

Fax: (+62) 361 738299

Mail: info@nakula-management.com

 And visit Nakula Hospitality Management Office:

Jl. Nakula No. 9 Legian, Bali 80361 – Indonesia

Will I see you around? 😉


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