Riding off-road on a hard track is another way of having fun. Many of us think that having fun is the time when we do not need any effort to do things, ‘freezing’ the brain for a moment, time to be lazy, or even sleeping and eating all-day. Have we ever imagined that a little bit of effort can make your happiness in a different way around? Why don’t we do something other people never tried?

Go to the forest will always be my desire. Since I live in big city, not many of plant or big trees I can see. I only watch them on TV and been curious with that. I want to see those big trees in front of my eyes! How can I get there? I need guidance to do activities there in order to not making the forest get damaged. Then I remembered my parents who once lived in a village and near their village there was a beautiful forest (they said).

Lucky me, they were willing to accompany me to the forest. I forgot the name because I was not familiar with it (I forgot to write it down, too). After getting at the village, Daddy told me that I can borrow his off-road car to surround the forest since the track was hard to be passed by usual car. His off-road car was maintained nicely but still, it needed some recovery.

He knew what was the best for his car. While repairing his car, he explained me what was the useful of these equipments he bought at ATECO EQUIPMENT. Electric warn winches, steering damper, supersprings, those were useful to this heavy-road trip. Superb! Great machine and great off-road car made our journey around the forest went smoothly. No bumping, no strike, no friction, under-controlled steering.. I could enjoy every moment while I was driving and even stopped at the right place to feel the forest wind.


And if you are happened to work in mining area, ATECO Equipment also provides these equipments to renew or replace the mining machine to work better, e.g. industrial winches and industrial hoists (both available: electric or hydraulic ones), RidePro 4×4 suspension system, etc. Everything you need for automotive equipment is all provided here, the best quality one in the country.

Hereby are the addresses you can use to visit their office locations:

  • Sydney

862-874 Elizabeth Street, Waterloo, NSW 2017.

Phone: (02) 8577 8000 Fax: (02) 8577 8159

  • Melbourne

52 Duerdin Street, Notting Hill, Vic 3168

Phone: (03) 9574 7422 Fax: (03) 9574 7369


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