Where Will You Have Your Holiday This Time?

Sometimes the ‘holiday’ its name, in our minds, it’s just leyeh-leyeh at home while sleeping, watching TV or a DVD marathon with plenty of snacks, and making lazy. Actually there are other ways to vacation at the same time increasing knowledge but it requires more effort; but constructing a trip, preparing a schedule / itinerary, preparing a budget, it could be few reasons why people are reluctant to have vacation outdoors. And with a vacation outside the home that has a different atmosphere can clear your mind of daily life which is boring.

If we want to experience an unusual nature but lazy on planning a trip, we can invite a friend who can be relied upon for this thing. Determine where the tourist destination and let him set it all, we stayed out wrong. Make sure he also get benefit from us, for example: joint (going Dutch) to the things that can be shared with, for example, lodging and tour costs. Why so? Let equally be fair: we get the neat schedule of holiday, he got his holiday destination (much) cheaper.

We can try JINENG BALI TOURS for example. JINENG BALI TOURS is a tour & travel management who prepares all the packages to us who can’t manage our holiday by own. Jineng Bali Tours helps us packaging the holiday in all packets with the excitement and enjoyment. Jineng Bali Tours wants us to relax and calm the nerves without worrying all the small things.


Having holiday in Bali using Jineng Bali Tours won’t be a bad decision since it has good reputations from all the tourists who were using their packages. Be it a half-day tour or full-day tour or one-day tour, from water sport to cycling in the village, all the choices is given to please us and never make us disappointed. If we never happened to use Jineng Bali Tours, just give it a try!


We can contact Mr. Agus Mahendra, the owner, here directly to get proper information, don’t hesitate!


Phone: (+62) 361 255650 or  (+62) 878 616 73837

Email: info@jinengbalitours.com

Skype: agusmahendra007

Address: Jl. Tukad Melangit No.1, Panjer, 80225, Denpasar, Bali


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